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What is Asinotherapy?

I followed the Asinotherapy course at "Ezelstal Hans en Grietje" in Masstricht. During the course I was able to experience and see what working with animals, especially donkeys, can mean for people with questions for help.

Asinotherapy, also called donkey therapy, is guidance for people with a need for help in which donkeys are used.

This can vary from light requests for help to therapeutic requests for adults and children.

Asinotherapy as we interpret it is a pleasant way to spend a moment forgetting the time and enjoying the here and now with the donkeys.

We offer several possibilities to get in touch with these amazing donkeys.

  • just visiting the donkeys

  • petting and/or brushing the donkeys

  • short cavaletti training with the donkeys

  • click with the donkeys

As soon as there is talk of a therapy, therapists are present where the donkeys play an active role. In addition, the donkey is not a therapist but can help with the therapy that is being given at that time.


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