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Rucs De Wurft

Recently we started keeping the Catalan donkeys, also called Guara or Ruc 
In 2019 Amy and Adivi came to live with us on our farm De Wurft. 
Since September 2021, Cigroneta has been added to Amy and Adivi. All three come from Cataluna Berga, Barcelona. Fuives is the brotherhood where the Catalan donkeys are protected and conserved. 
Together with the owner Joan Gasso of FUIVES  we also want to give as much publicity as possible to this breed here in the Netherlands. 

In collaboration with FUIVES we have started selling donkey milk products from the milk of Catalan donkeys. In addition to selling donkey milk products, we want to sell donkey foals in the future.
The Catalan donkeys have also been sold by Fuives to oa  Germany, Switzerland, France and Denmark.

We live with the donkeys on the farm together with 9 cats and our 4 dogs (3 Border Collies and 1 Nizinny).

We would like to welcome you to our farm to get to know this special and sweet donkey breed.

Do you have any questions? Call (0624102161) or email ( us.

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