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How is the Catalan Donkey

The Catalan donkey is a big donkey., with a height of approximately 140 and a weight between 350-450 kg. The limbs are robust with long bones, which assume long proportions within an anatomical set, they are slim with a straight neck and round chest. It is not a running animal, but quiet handy to perform heavy work where great strength is needed.

Their coat (color of the fur) has a chestnut- black color. the summer coat, is shorter, and darker, nearly black.  The summer coat is short and darker, nearly black. de winter coat is much longer and has a brown color.

Striking are the white stains on their belly flared along the legs, around the eyes, cheeks and nose.

A red band can be seen on the transition from dark to white specially on the head it is very visible.

It is an animal with a optimistic temperament, quick reaction ability. is treated well they care very peaceful and extraordinarily noble.

The eye expression is vivid, they carry the head and ears always up. You will never see a healthy and well taken care of animal which looks sad and dejected.       

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