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Sept 29:

Amy and Adivi have a new girlfriend. On September 16, 2021, Cigroneta was picked up by us at Fuives to come and live with Amy and Adivi at Rucs de Wurft. She has her own stable and now almost 2 weeks later they are already used to each other.

3 July

After a thorough refurbishment, the barn has also been completed in style on the outside.



July 25:

Adivi gets his own stable and indoor paddock.

Start construction of the stable and inside paddock for Adivi in the barn.





An outside paddock has been realized.  





Since February, Adivi has his own stable. He is already becoming a real man so from now on Amy and Adivi are separated. Amy is still a little too young for foals.






Arrival of Amy and Adivi.

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