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Visiting our donkeys


During a visit to our donkeys it is possible to brush and cuddle them, they enjoy it very much.

In addition to petting and cuddling, donkeys can also help to relax and have therapeutic value for people who need it.

You forget the time and will become one with the donkeys and their environment. In this way you can experience what donkeys can mean for you in a short time.

We offer several possibilities to get in touch with these amazing donkeys.

  • just visiting the donkeys

  • petting and/or brushing the donkeys

Only the mares are used for these activities.

The stallions are separate during your visit.  ​

We would like to know in advance when and with how many people you will be visiting.

A visit lasts a maximum of 1 hour.         

The costs are €5 per adult, children (up to 12 years) free but always accompanied by an adult.

During your visit we offer you a (soft) drink.

Mail       or call      Contact us for an appointment if you have become curious about the Catalan donkey.

There will always be one of us present to make sure everything runs smoothly and to help you. We can answer any questions you may have.

At all times, the well-being of our donkeys comes first.

It is not allowed to visit our donkeys with dogs. Donkeys can react aggressively to the presence of dogs.


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